Live Aircraft Tracking and Communications
Navigate best-in-class tracking and communication solutions, specifically engineered for commercial airliners, private jets, helicopters, and UAVs.
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Portable Tracking and Communications
Discover hand-held tracking and communication solutions, suitable for any terrain, any mission, anywhere in the world.
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Cloud-based Fleet Management Tool
Monitor, control, interact, and communicate with your assets in real time, using a single software solution. SkyRouter is included with all Blue Sky Network tracking solutions.
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Featured Solutions

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    SkyLink TOC BOX

    The SkyLink TOC BOX delivers mission-critical communications from any location on the planet, with the added protection of a ruggedized case. This compact and versatile communications terminal is powered by Iridium’s new Certus network, providing enterprise-grade voice and mid-band data.
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  • SkyLink IoT/M2M Solution
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    Cloud-Based Device and User Management Platform
    SkyLink by Blue Sky Network is a performance-driven device and user management platform for remote, mobile, and global operations. This system leverages Iridium’s award-winning satellite technology and Global Line of SightSM coverage, plus local GSM/LTE networks to create a powerful, dual-mode managed network solution unlike any other.
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  • Thales VesseLINK Broadband Maritime Communications
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    The VesseLINK satellite communications system provides 100 percent global coverage for critical operations even in the most remote parts of the world. Its enhanced safety features, low profile, and durability make it ideal for meeting the challenges of maritime environments. The VesseLINK is also the first of its kind to deliver broadband capabilities and low-latency voice and data for real-time communication. Get Pricing
  • HawkEye 5500 Vehicle Tracking Device
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    HawkEye 5500

    The HawkEye 5500 (HE5500) is a dual-mode, real-time tracking and vehicle management solution. With full integration of on-board systems, support for both light and heavy-duty vehicles, two-way messaging, remote emergency switch, audible alerts, and customizable application integration, the HE5500 is in a class of its own. Get Pricing
  • ASE-MC05 Comcenter Outdoor
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    ASE-MC05: Comcenter Outdoor

    The ASE Comcenter Outdoor allows for an Iridium Satellite phone that can be mounted adjacent to the antenna, and therefore eliminate the cabling distance altogether. This solution has quickly found its way atop skyscrapers, very tall buildings, or areas where large coax cable run is a challenge with its size and bend radius constraints. This includes large sports arenas, and other buildings in need of an emergency phone system. But there is more.  Weatherproofing that passes the rigorous IEC 60645 Maritime Standard. Also, the cabling meets flammability tests (IEC60332 and UL1541) for installation onboard ships—therefore complying with office facilities.
  • ASE-MC08-H
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    ASE MC08: Comcenter Indoor

    ASE MC08: Comcenter Indoor Satellite IP Voice & Data Modem can provide low-cost, low-maintenance, secure access to remote networks and equipment anywhere in the world.
  • HawkEye 7200A HawkEye 100A Dual-Channel Antenna
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    HawkEye 7200A + HawkEye 100A

    Via the Iridium satellite network, this system transmits real-time location updates, detects in-flight anomalies, and transmits operational event notifications. Bluetooth capabilities in the cockpit allow for satellite voice communication and two-way messaging. Connect to a smartphone or tablet to use the HawkEye Link mobile application and make phone calls—literally—on the fly. Also send and receive emails, pre-configured shortcodes, and custom forms. Get Pricing

Introducing SkyLink

SkyLink is a cloud-based device and user management solution for remote, mobile, and global operations. This system leverages Iridium®’s award-winning satellite technology and Global Line of Sight℠ coverage, plus local GSM/LTE networks to create a powerful, dual-mode managed ecosystem unlike any other.

The small-form, multi-stack hardware is designed for any fixed-mount, mobile, and aviation application, and offers a range of service configurations for mission-focused safety and versatility. An optional rechargeable backup battery offers up to 48 hours of continuous power for emergency or remote operations.


Blue Sky Network offers best in class, real-time aircraft tracking devices, suitable for airliners, private jets, helicopters, and more. Pair this with satellite voice and two-way messaging for a complete solution that will improve the safety and lower the costs of your operations.


Our industry-leading vessel tracking solutions incorporate two-way SATCOM, visual maps, geofences, weather, and AIS data overlays for situational awareness, operational oversight, and powerful real-time fleet management.


Our advanced satellite and cellular (dual-mode) vehicle tracking and telematics devices are suitable for every type of vehicle, located anywhere on the planet. Combine this with global voice communications for a complete solution to improve the safety and efficiency of your fleet.


Our premium voice communication solutions are used across the globe for business continuity and emergency contingency plans. Whether you’re looking for permanent satellite phone installations or removable satellite handsets for grab-and-go use, we’ve got solutions to keep you connected and keep your operations running.


Get reliable satellite voice, two-way messaging, internet, and tracking solutions that go anywhere you do. Blue Sky Network offers a number of professional-grade portable solutions for truly global connectivity.


Our satellite-based IoT/M2M solutions offer 2-way voice, data transfer, and remote monitoring from anywhere in the world. Capture, display, disseminate, and port data from every asset in the field with uninterrupted global coverage.